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It is common knowledge that YouTube is home to a large number of copyrighted videos. A free YouTube to mp4 converter has probably been sought for by individuals who are interested in YouTube to mp4 downloader. However, the bulk of results are often uncertain or even dangerous. 

But don’t be concerned! We have discovered a lot of reliable options for converting your preferred YouTube content into MP4 format while preserving the security and privacy of your computer and your personal information. We’ll go through some of the greatest free options for speedy movie downloading in this article.

What is a YouTube to mp4 converter online? 

To start, it’s critical to comprehend the idea of a YouTube to MP4 video converter. The downloading of HD videos from YouTube is made easier by this utility. 

It is simpler to archive your favorite YouTube podcasts, live audio broadcasts, and movies in MP4 format by using a free youtube to mp4 converter free. The capacity of the MP4 format to accept several media data types, such as text, music, video, and photos, is its key feature. Although yet maintaining relatively tiny file sizes for both photographs and videos, MP4 offers high definition quality. 

The bulk of online converters for YouTube to MP4 operate in a similar manner, with the capabilities offered by each one being the primary difference. Just copy the YouTube URL, choose the required MP4 format settings, and let the program handle the downloading and conversion of the YouTube video. 

The Legal Consequences of Online YouTube to MP4 Converter Free: 

It’s crucial to remember that using a YouTube to MP4 converter online for personal use is not illegal. However, it is crucial that you have the required rights to the relevant movies, pictures, and textual materials if you want to use the converted content for commercial purposes or share it with the public. 

Engaging MP4 converters with protected goods and then making money out of them would go beyond what is permissible and might cause a thorny situation.

How to Quickly Convert Several YouTube Videos to MP4 on Windows:

Cisdem Video Converter stands out as the best option for quickly and in mass converting YouTube videos to MP4 format on Windows in terms of both performance and safety. Several YouTube videos may be seamlessly converted using this amazing program while maintaining their excellent quality. Every YouTube Link that is entered into the program will quickly be converted to MP4 format. The converter touts compatibility with over 1000 input websites and delivers more than 300 output formats in addition to its YouTube to mp4 trim features for Windows. 

Follow these steps to proceed: 

  • Get Cisdem Video Converter: If you use Windows, download youtube to mp4 on the PC version supplied below. Install the program and run it now.
  • Add your preferred YouTube videos: The video’s YouTube URL should be copied. Enter the URL into the appropriate text field at the bottom of the “download youtube to mp4” interface of the program.
  • Assess and put together: Click the “+” symbol to start the video analysis. You may conveniently add numerous YouTube videos to the download list at once.
  • Convert MP4 in bulk: Choose MP4 as the chosen output format and the appropriate resolution. By pressing the “download” icon, YouTube videos can be downloaded to mp4 in MP4 format. 

Pro tip

Drag and drop your downloaded YouTube clip into the “Convert” interface for more MP4 parameter adjustment or to convert youtube video to mp4 to. You may look into more converting and editing choices with the help of this function.

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How to Use VLC on Windows to Freely Convert a YouTube Video to MP4: 

An instruction manual for doing the conversion is provided below: 

  • Obtain the URL of the desired YouTube video.
  • Launch VLC Media Player.
  • Go to the “Media” menu and select “Open Network Stream.”
  • Paste the YouTube video URL into the Network Protocol field.
  • By selecting the arrow next to the “Play” button, choose “Stream” from the available options.
  • To leave the “Stream Output” tab, click “Next.”
  • Select “Add > Browse” to specify the destination and provide a name for the file. Then, click “Next.”
  • From the Profile drop-down menu, select “Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)” and click “Next.”
  • Lastly, click “Stream” to start the YouTube video’s conversion to MP4 format.

These instructions will let you use Windows’ VLC Media Player to easily convert youtube video to mp4

How to Use Internet Tools to Convert YouTube to MP4 on Windows

A hassle-free method to accomplish your aim is to use internet programs to convert youtube video to mp4 on Windows. These internet services make the procedure simple and quick by doing away with the requirement for program installation. Although internet converters are practical, it’s crucial to remember that, in contrast to specialized software, they might not enable large downloads and might have certain security issues. Here are two possibilities for you to consider if you’re looking for a trustworthy free online converter for Windows to convert YouTube to MP4. 

Option 1 : Y2mate.

Despite the fact that its original website is restricted, Y2mate is still a well-liked option for converting YouTube videos. An analogous experience is provided by mirror websites like You may quickly find the YouTube video you’re looking for by using keyword searches on our site, which provides a huge selection of YouTube videos. The ability to download 4K YouTube videos in MP4, MP3, and WebM makes Y2mate unique. 

This is how to utilize Y2mate:

  • Copy the YouTube video link you wish to convert.
  • Use your browser to go to
  • Insert the copied URL into the appropriate text field, then click “Start.”
  • By choosing “download youtube to mp4 video,” start the link examination.
  • Select the MP4 format and adjust the quality and file size to your liking.
  • Click “DOWNLOAD” in the Action section.
  • Choose “DOWNLOAD” from the pop-up menu.

Option 2:

Another way to convert youtube video to mp4 on Windows is using the well-known site Beside YouTube, this application supports a large number of other video-sharing services, such as Facebook, Ted, VK, Funnyordie, Gametrailers, and Godtube. Interestingly, it does not allow 4K video youtube to mp4 downloader. The platform supports a variety of output formats, including six audio and one video format. You may convert video files and even record movies with our free online youtube to mp4 converter free . 

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This is how to use

  • Make sure the YouTube video URL you want to convert is available.
  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Next select “CONVERT A VIDEO LINK.”
  • Copy the link, then paste it in the designated space.
  • Click “START” after selecting MP4 as the desired output video format.
  • Click “Download” after the converting procedure is finished.
  • Note: You may use the given QR code to store the converted MP4 movie on a smartphone or tablet.
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You may easily convert youtube video to mp4 format on your Windows device by using these online tools, making it easier for you to view your material.

How to Use the Command Prompt on Windows to Convert YouTube to MP4:

The open-source program known as youtube-dl is required to convert a YouTube video into MP4 format on a Windows PC using Command Prompt. Along with supporting YouTube, this adaptable application also offers compatibility with a wide range of other video-sharing services. Much more customization is possible by including the -f option when adding the format code to the youtube to mp4 downloader . Yet, learning its use could be a little difficult. 

Follow these steps to complete the process: 

  • After installing youtube-dl on your Windows computer, open the Command Prompt.
  • Choose the YouTube video you wish to convert, then copy the URL.
  • Put the following command into the Command Prompt: youtube-dl [URL of a YouTube video] -f mp4.

Use the real YouTube link in place of [YouTube video URL]. As an illustration:

youtube-dl -f mp4.

  • Use the “Enter” key to begin the youtube to mp4 downloader and conversion. 

Please be aware that while this information is accurate as of September 2021, there may have been changes or additions since then. While using tools and approaches, be sure you are always abiding with the terms of service and any relevant laws.


Eventually, you now possess the information required to utilize four distinct tools on a Windows PC to convert youtube video to mp4 format. Among these, three options stand out as free YouTube to MP4 converter free. The most safe option turns out to be VLC, but the online converter has the benefit of not requiring installation. These two free options are especially suitable for novices, as opposed to the command-line tool, which could have a more challenging learning curve. Contrarily, Cisdem Video Converter is pricey but offers a safe, user-friendly interface that makes it simple to convert any YouTube link into an MP4 file.

Questions and Answers:

Which platform comes highly recommended for MP4 conversion of YouTube?

The fact that Y2mate can handle 4k video download youtube to mp4 puts it ahead of the competition despite its profusion of commercials and restrictions on mass video downloads.

Can I use Windows to record and store YouTube videos as MP4 files?

Certainly. On Windows PCs, it is possible to directly capture YouTube videos in MP4 format using the Camera software, which comes pre-installed. You may also use third-party programs like OBS Studio, Camtasia, Bandicam, and Camtasia as well as internet screen recording apps.

Is age-restricted YouTube video available for MP4 download?

Age limitations can be gotten through with the use of 4K Video youtube to mp4 downloader, but we highly advise against it. Age limits are used by YouTube to protect kids under the age of 18 from potentially objectionable content.

Does converting YouTube music videos to MP4 breach copyright regulations?

Converting a youtube to mp4 downloader is against the YouTube user agreement, but unless it’s done with the goal of selling them, it doesn’t necessarily violate copyright laws.


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