Yoswin : Genuine or Fraud? Delving into Details


Is Yoswin, an app which portrays itself as an investment game real? Is the online earning platform legal? Is it safe to use? Well, In this article let’s find the answer to all these questions by exploring its features, Function and how user-friendly it is.   

Yoswin Overview

Yoswin is an application that presents itself as an investment game. It also allows the user to earn money by playing different games and further referring it back to their knowns that is their friends. It is also referred to as a “Refer and Earn” System.

The detail of the application is as follows: 

App Name Yoswin
App Category Earning App
Website Yoswin.com
Product/Services Investment, Gaming, Refer and Earn
Domain Registration Date 29 July 2022
App Games Andhar Bahar, Spin Wheel, Crash, Mine
Invite Code HE9BKL
Real or Fake Likely Fake

The Yoswin App

The Gaming platform is an earning app which attracts the user by its schemes which promises rewards through referral. The user needs to register themselves before using the app. The Refer and Earn application offers an interesting referral program in which inviting the user may make you earn 10% commission on the referred user earning. 

In case the referral user again refers the game to the third party then also the first user gets commission. This referral chain works for maximum 5 to 6 users only and for every other user joining the first user gets less commission indirectly through the referrals. The games through which users can earn a good amount are like Andhar Bahar, Mine, Crash, Spin Wheel, and more. 

Registration Process

The user needs to register itself on the gaming platform to use it. The registration process is as follows:

  • The user needs to visit the official Yoswin website
  • Once the dashboard is open on the screen, at the lower right corner “MY” an option is available
  • Click on the My button and the Login page will appear
  • The register option is available below the login button
  • Click on “Register” button to create an account on the yoswin.com
  • On the registration page fill in the details such as Mobile number, OTP which is received on the mobile number, and a password.
  • Click on Register option to register on the Yoswin earning app and start earning

Login Procedure

The login procedure of the Yoswin.com is as follows:

  • Visit the official Yoswin website
  • Once the dashboard is open on the screen, at the lower right corner “MY” an option is available
  • Click on the My button and the Login page will appear
  • Fill in the details such as Registered Mobile Number and Password 
  • Click on Login and the user will be logged in to their earning platform account.

Cons of the Earning App

The disadvantages user have to face while using this app are as follows:

  • Customer Support is not available
  • There is no information about the Website Developers 
  • There is no social media presence of this earning app 
  • There is no registration details
  • It is a risky earning app
  • There are conditions applied for money withdrawal
  • The user needs to invest first to get money in account

Is the app Real or is it Fake?

Yoswin.com app is an online earning application that claims users can earn extra money by playing various games. According to a report, the app is claimed to be fake. Here, are some points that supports the outcome:

  • The app does not provide customer support
  • There are no Terms and Condition policy pages
  • Registration details are not available
  • The founder and developer details are not known
  • The users have withdrawal problem
  • The app has no social media presence


The gaming application is not available on legal app stores such as google play store due to various complaints.   

The App Review 

The earning app follows a common pattern that is to attract the user through various plans and schemes and promote them to invest money. As the user refers the app to another user and invests their money, the app automatically shuts down. Some of the untrustworthy practices that are considered as red flags for the application are as follows:

  • The app does not have a professional,  trustworthy, and genuine design
  • The details of the founder and developer are hidden and that’s why it raises the question mark on transparency of the app
  • There is no information about the registration and the work done
  • The claims of certification and proofs are fraud which shows its true light
  • There is no social media presence which raises suspicions
  • The complaints done by the user highlight the issue of recharge and withdrawal processes

The users report about the game’s unpredictable nature and describe it as unfair gaming practices. The gaming app emerges as a risky and fraud platform according to the user experience and is not a trustable platform for online earning. 


Yoswin.com is an application that allows the user to earn money by playing various online games and also by referring it to others. Games such as Mine, Spin Wheel, Crash and many more, these games can help the user to earn money. But, accordingly this gaming platform is not considered to be safe. The various negative reviews of the user and also the missing information of the application gives rise to many questions which automatically summarizes it to be an unsafe gaming platform. This is considered a high gain and high loss website.


All the information given about the gaming platform is well researched and for informational purposes only. And by no means do we encourage the usage of unsafe and Illegal earning platforms. Instead we promote safe , secured and legal sites to be used for any entertainment purposes.


Q1. Is the gaming platform legitimate for online earning?

ANS: No, the gaming platform is considered as a fraud earning platform.

Q2. What is the minimum amount required?

ANS: The user needs to invest a minimum amount of 50 rupees to participate in the earning platform.

Q3. What is the maximum amount required?

ANS: The maximum amount a user can invest is 1000 rupees to participate in the gaming activities.

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