What Are Snapchat Planets and How Do They Work?

Snapchat Planet

Snapchat lets you share unique moments with friends and family. Snapchat Planet feature enlarged the Friends Solar System. You need to learn about this interesting function. Snapchat has a premium subscription option that makes the app more entertaining and engaging. Members can access Planets and the Friends Solar System, among other benefits. These features may be unfamiliar to you, and how to enable them. The Snapchat Plus planets’ order and significance are addressed here. 

What are Snapchat Planet? 

Snapchat Planets is exclusively available to Snapchat Plus subscribers. This feature lets users rank their top eight friends in the app. How often you and a friend use the app determines where they appear. These planets represent the Solar System with their traits. 

Snapchat Plus Planet order 

Each planet represents one of your closest friends and is arranged like the Solar System. A person’s closest buddy link tightens as items approaches the sun. We’ve included all the planets’ names and symbolic meanings below: 

  • Mercury: The Friends solar system begins with Mercury. It is the most reliable partner. It is your main contact. Pink and surrounded by crimson hearts of various sizes. 
  • Venus: Venus is your second-best friend on the app after your best. A green world has green hearts. 
  • Earth: Snapchat’s most excellent buddies include Earth. Third signifies your third closest friend and confidant. Besides being blue, it has blue hearts. 
  • Mars: Mars is the solar system’s fourth object—is your fourth ally. The crimson has yellow hearts all around. 
  • Jupiter: Jupiter ranks sixth in Snapchat’s Solar System. The emblem represents your fifth Snapchat friend. It’s deep purple with purple hearts. 
  • Saturn : Saturn makes them your sixth-best Facebook friend. Sunny yellow with yellow heart motifs on both sides. 
  • Uranus: Uranus, the seventh planet in our solar system, signifies a close buddy you trust seventh. Pale blue with blue hearts around the borders. 
  • Neptune: Neptune ranks eighth among your closest buddies. Dark blue hearts and rainbow hues around it. 
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How does Snapchat’s Solar System of Friends work? 

Snapchat Plus users may put their closest friends’ avatars on Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars in the Friends Solar System. Your closest friends’ profiles will have a golden ring emblem of two holding hands. 

With the “Best Friends” badge, you and your partner are among each other’s eight closest friends. If your buddy gives you their friend’s badge, you’re one of their eight closest friends, but not their friend. 

By tapping the badge, you may view your position in the Solar Systems your chat app friends track. Click your badge to view your Solar System friends. As your links strengthen, you drag Earth toward the star. 


Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms due to its new features. The app now evaluates friendships with planets. This function needs Snapchat Plus, which you should join. We hope you now understand the Friends Solar System’s Snapchat Planet and their meaning.


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