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The HMIS Login portal is an online resource that was created by the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. In this article we are going to discuss the hmis and process to register and login. You will also get to know about the Feature and services offered by the portal and Check Data Item Wise Monthly Report. So read the article carefully without any kind of restriction.

Highlight of the HMIS Login

Name of the Portal HMIS (Health Management Information System) Portal
Introduced By Government of India    
Name of the Department Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Department         
Launched In October 2008             
Main Purpose To keep an eye on the National Health Mission and other health initiatives, and to contribute significantly to the creation of policies and suitable program interventions                  
Mode of Registration Online           
Beneficiaries People of India                        
Official Website 

Known About HMIS Login Portal

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, established the HMIS Login as a web based monitoring information system that facilitates government communication. Its primary purpose is to track the National Health Mission and other health programs and to offer valuable insights for policy development and targeted program interventions. The State Programm Implementation Plan assessment process, the grading of health facilities, the designation of aspirational districts, and other processes have all made use of HMIS. Additionally, gap analysis and evidence-based course correction are provided in the analytical reports produced by HMIS. In October of 2008, HMIS was introduced. About 2.25 lakh health institutions (across all States and UTs) currently upload data on infrastructure-related data annually, training data quarterly, and facility-wise service delivery data monthly to the HMIS web platform.

Features of HMIS Login Portal

After you understand how to get into HMIS, you should be aware of the portal’s features since they are crucial to the website’s performance. The following are a handful of the most noteworthy features:-

  • providing up-to-date information by providing real-time healthcare data on sickness trends and health outcomes.
  • Modern analytical and data modeling methods may reveal intricate relationships and patterns in the data, giving decision-makers insightful knowledge.
  • Enhancing spatial comprehension, data may be visually presented on interactive dashboards and maps by integrating Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities.
  • Systems based on duties for alerts and feedback
  • keeping track of medical facilities’ locations
  • It promotes a thorough approach to healthcare administration and makes data integration with various healthcare providers easier.

Services Available Under HMIS Login Portal

The list of all the services the site provides to users is as follows:

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Health Analytics
  • Telemedicine
  • Health Dashboard
  • Health Information Management
  • Disease Surveillance
  • Public Health Programs
  • Health Financing

Process to register on the HMIS Login

It is important to note that online registration is not permitted on the HMIS Portal, should you be considering enrolling. People must travel to their state health ministry or submit to verification by an organization that has been authorized by the HMIS Portal in order to begin the registration procedure.

These approved individuals will provide you with your login information so you may view your personal profile. Since only these businesses have the right to allow registration on this platform, the security and integrity of the registration process are guaranteed.

Process for HMIS Login

The process of authentication known as the HMIS Login allows authorized persons, such as administrators, policymakers, and healthcare professionals, to access the Health Management Information system. It ensures that only those with permission may access critical health data by offering a safe and regulated point of entry into the system. The procedures listed below can be used to log into the HMIS site.

  • Visit, the official website of the HMIS.
  • It will show the home screen on the screen.
  • Here, choose “Login” from the menu on the home page’s right side.
  • Click “Sign In” once you have navigated to the Sign In page, entered your user name, password, and captcha code, and confirmed.
  • Following that, a successful login to the Health Management Information System (HMIS) site will occur.
  • This facilitates easy access to the HMIS Portal.

Process to Reset Password on HMIS Login

You can reset your login password by following the steps shown below if you can’t remember it.

  • Go to the home page of the official HMIS website after opening it.
  • Next, you need to click the sign-in button.
  • From the login screen, pick the “Reset Password” choice.
  • Change the password for HMIS
  • Type in your username in this field.
  • HMIS please input a new password.
  • To reset your password, please provide the necessary details.

Process Check Data Item Wise Monthly Report (Upto Sub District)?

To view the monthly report broken down by data item, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the site for the Health Management Information System (HMIS).
  • Select “Standard Reports” from the “Report” section of the navigation bar on the main page. 
  • The screen will display the Standard Report page. The “Data Item Wise Monthly (up to sub-district)” Folder is what you need to click on here.
  • There are four folder names on the next page. For example, “Every State Across Districts,” “Every India Across States,” “Every State and Districts Across Months,” and “Every District Across Sub-districts.”
  • It is now your responsibility to select a folder name based on your needs and click on it.
  • Subsequently, on the subsequent page, you will need to choose the desired year and click on the folder associated with it.
  • It is now necessary for you to pick the folder of your choosing, either “Month Wise” or “Cumulative.”
  • The file will then show up on the screen. When you click on the file, your system will begin to download the file.
  • You are able to view the report by opening the file.

Process for Daily Data Item Report Analysis

Follow the given below step to report the daily data are:-

  • Visit to access the HMIS portal’s official webpage given above.
  • Select the “Publications” tab from the navigation bar on the main page.
  • Choose “HMIS Report” from the drop-down menu now.
  • Next, choose “Daily Data Item Report Analysis” and then “Report 1” for the “National Daily Data Item Analysis” or “Report 2” for the “State Wise Daily Data Entry Summary Report” by clicking on those links.
  • After that, a PDF copy of the report will be downloaded to your computer.
  • Open it to get the data input report broken down by state or country.

Details of the HMIS Data Entry Format and HMIS Login

Entering data into specified fields, such as program names, facility addresses, or shelter bed numbers, is known as data entry. Data entry into HMIS is frequently required by governmental organizations, such as towns and states, in order to assess the success of services provided to the homeless and track advancements made toward ending homelessness.

  • You must first use your login and password to access your HMIS account.
  • Decide which user category you belong to:
  • HSC User
  • PSC User
  • CHC User
  • SDH User
  • DH User
  • DHQ User
  • Proceed to the following categories of data entry: infrastructure, human resources, monthly, quarterly, and daily.
  • Once you’ve chosen your preferred option, fill out the daily entry for HSC on your own by following the on-screen directions.
  • For monthly data input pertaining to stock, reproductive, and child health data items, there are three choices.
  • The user can enter any type of data by choosing any of the aforementioned choices.

In conclusion

The HMIS Login page is an essential part of the nation’s healthcare system. By empowering medical professionals and the public, speeding up access to critical healthcare information, and promoting disease surveillance, it encourages a comprehensive approach to healthcare management and makes it possible for speedier interventions and improved public health outcomes.

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